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James Glover

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James Glover
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My DJ Biography: ??Where do I start....? My love affair with music dates back literally ?to when I was a young boy. I was always fascinated with?my Dad’s record player, and I was exposed to a vast range of ?music from an early age & onwards throughout my life.

I have fond memories of taking my Dad’s vinyls throughout my younger ?days; the fascination with all things musical and electronic continued strongly and still does to this day. As I grew older I began to build up a collection of tapes that I would record from local radio stations who broadcast from nightclubs and DJs, that's when I was first exposed to house music. From that moment onwards I was hooked on the sound. Down came the oasis posters, up went the club flyers.

Still at the tender age of about 12 or 13, I found it hard to get my hands on the amount of house music I wanted, but I searched long and hard to find it wherever I could. One of my main sources was a local record shop which was run by a nightclub DJ and from this I began building up friends within the industry whilst building up a small record collection.

Eventually the time came when I was able to get myself into some decks to begin practising. My affair with house music was born. I can remember spending full nights behind them practicing beat matching; I started dj-ing at the start of 2000 for close friends at parties. I knew it was for me. I was in my last year of school and it was time to decide what to do next.

I went on to college and then on to university whilst having a part time Job. I earned enough money to keep my collection of music going, and with my ever growing passion for the electronic side of music I felt compelled to take things further. So I had production lessons using logic and Ableton at a local studio, it only spanned 6 months but I gain enough knowledge to put drum kits and basslines together which put me in good stead for Production College Which i started at 21 and now really enjoying producing my own music.

DJ sets over the last few years at the following venues

* Creamfelds 2010/ 2011 ( Daresbury Cheshire)
* Hed Kandi 2008
* Sankeys (Manchester)
* Czech Republic (Mecca Club Prague, Czech Republic)
* Vanilla Club (London)
* Circle Club (Manchester)
* Area51(Manchester)
* 2Kinky @ The View( along side Sebastian Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia )
* GoodGreef (The View, Frodsham)
* Glamour (Manchester/ Warrington)


James Glover.?
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